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Latest Education News from Greece

Graduate Students Clear Hurdle in Effort to F..

  • Posted On: 24-Aug-2016

A ruling by the National Labor Relations Board involving students at Columbia opens the door for teaching assistants at private universities to organize. View More...

2015 Law School Graduates Got Fewer Jobs in P..

  • Posted On: 17-Aug-2016

Last year’s graduates landed fewer jobs in private practice than any class in the last two decades, according to the National Association for Law Placement. View More...

Taking Summer School to Get Ahead, Not Catch ..

  • Posted On: 16-Aug-2016

High-achieving students are enrolling to turbocharge grade-point averages or load up on advanced courses, but critics say the practice only adds to the inequities of the college admissions process. View More...

Good and Bad News in Survey of New York City ..

  • Posted On: 23-Aug-2016

A questionnaire answered by over a million parents, teachers and students found a high level of satisfaction with the system, but the scores for some important measures declined. View More...

Nicholas Dirks Resigns as Chancellor of Unive..

  • Posted On: 17-Aug-2016

His plans to depart came amid criticism over how he had handled sexual harassment cases involving high-profile faculty members and the university’s budget. View More...

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